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Apostolic Training Center Progress Reports - Bungoma, Kenya:

These are words I received from Beatrice and Juma Nanzala from one of our outposts in Kenya. God is up to something big…. unique and wonderful.

 ”We have 100 students now in Bungoma!”

Bungoma has now raised up 6 new powerful teaching places that are within their region. Amazingly, they are beginning to attract drunkards, muslims and many others who are hungry for the Word of God. The people who are attending are said to be getting saved and being discipled in the same manner as the Christian leaders. This unexpected outcome has given us great hope that God will continue to move mightily among the people of Bungoma to advance His Kingdom in supernatural ways.

“The picture is of a student leading a drunkard to Christ, saved in one of our classes!” - Beatrice

Also students meeting in these new teaching places are desiring to become new church plants. They have already begun meeting on Sundays under RevivalHut Ministries name. Soon they will be developing their own program for reaching the broken people around them. So I will be receiving a list of the students names for me to help them more fully. Praise God!

As God gives opportunity, I will visit in spring, 2013.

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