Update: East Africa

I was recently asked by a close friend to give them an update on our work in East Africa. What I would hope our readers realize is that RevivalHut Ministry is moving in a variety of ways… yet its focus is clearly Kingdom Advancement through the training of leaders. Our highest goal is to equip, encourage and empower Christian leaders in the nations we are invited to enter. Specifically, today we are working in the East African nations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The RevivalHut Vision:

The primary vision that God has laid before us is the raising up of Apostolic Training Centers. These 3 year training opportunities carry enormous influence in developing a culture of Kingdom Values and Growth. We have even found governing officials freely encouraging our program, because of the spirit of unity promoted in the communities we have entered. There are now 19 Apostolic Training Centers in East Africa, most of which are doing very well and bringing a depth of character that the Church so badly needs.

Uganda is going though some massive drought right now and many are starving. I asked our director of Ministry (Pastor Francis Wanyama) about the issue and he said it is touching their pastors deeply. No water means high prices on food and many go without. What I hear among pastors is that they often serve others and sacrifice their own children’s needs. This is a tragic thing and we are attempting to keep the classes going even though some are telling me of lower attendance. We at least are getting them meals for the schools. The development of our second year skills training has been slow, but hopefully we can catch up in the fall.

Kenya is going through some transition with our new director of ministry Pastor Michael Semati. He is a good leader, a father if you will. Many of our Centers are connected with my leadership and we are having some difficulty getting them to communicate with him, but I believe this will come around with time. On July 27th there is a huge leadership conference that will hopefully draw from the three prominent nations of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Pastor Michael is doing this to draw the pastors and leadership together, because we must organize a network for the exchange of ideas. I was very thrilled to see this and am praying for great outcomes. Leadership in Kenya is showing me that they are growing in strength.

Tanzania is moving along rapidly with Pastor Bernard Ogallo leading a regional Apostolic Training Center that continues to grow and plant churches across the southern borders of Lake Victoria. He speaks only Swahili so I have not spoken with him much over the recent few months, but Pastor Francis (our director in Uganda) speaks with him almost weekly. The people of Kenya and Tanzania are anxious to have me visit; because I was to go in June, but had to cancel due to my son going to Virginia. It was just going to put us in a bind financially.

Please pray for wisdom…

We have many nations calling for our program and there are so many limitations. Nations like Pakistan, India, Philippines, Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Congo and South Africa. Most of our limitations center around money as you would guess, but I truly believe that as we move forward, we must continue to go at the “pace of God”.

I have never seen the hand of God as I have seen in East Africa!

In these days… we are watching miracles and peoples lives change like never before. There are more churches now being planted than our leaders can count and we are hearing from locations that have started plans without our involvement. I just continue to speak “Grace, Grace, Grace to it in the name of Jesus” (Zac. 4:6-7).

“…for it is not by might, nor human power…. but by the Spirit of the Lord” – that we are seeing any success at all.

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