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1st Year Student Promotion

Apostolic Training Center Progress Reports – Lumuli, Uganda:

From our Ugandan National Director:
Pastor Francis Wanyama

Hello Apostle Ron, 
Receive greetings from my family and myself. Thank you very much for the work of the ministry. In Uganda, we are fine and the ministry is moving on well. We are praying and ready to receive you in March, 2013. This will be a wonderful time again. From the time you left, I have been able to visit different churches where our students come from and I have seen what the Lord is doing throughout the region. It is wonderful to see the impact and we shall never be the same again. Pastors and Government leaders have voiced appreciation for God’s influence in the region and also for the vision that RevivalHut Ministry has released for the people of this country. Please, greet the team you brought with you during your recent visit in December and let them know they are always welcome in Uganda. The reports have been very good from all points of ministry.

We have plans to begin the Apostolic Training classes again for March 13-16, 2013. We request you to come and open this training officially by teaching and blessing the students as well as praying over new instructors for 1st Year Classes. We shall continue holding sessions at Lumuli, while you are still gathering the funds to purchase land at Namayango. We shall do rotating schedule of three days in two different weeks of classes per month as we have discussed. It is a very exciting time for us and we look forward to beginning again. After the opening of the classes, we shall also have several conferences in the region.

As we spoke on the phone, I will go into Kenya on February 9th to visit our work in Bungoma. And then to Tanzania to see Pastor Benard Ogallo on February 14th, to provide oversight to his newly started Apostolic Training Center. Hopefully we will travel there in June together as he is expecting your visit with great anticipation. They have now transitioned their Churches into the RevivalHut Ministries Network for our relationships to grow. This is a great honor and may God be praised all the more in the work He has begun in East Africa.

Bless you and greet Mum Lynda; 
Pastor Jimmy Wandera sends his greetings also! 

Here is the full schedule for March 13-27, 2013:
13-16… 4 Days Teaching - Apostolic Training Center
17… Sunday Worship Namamera Church
19-20… Namayango Church Conference
21-22… Busia North Church Conference
23-24… Bugiri Church Leadership Conference
26… At the Orphanage Kampala

We look forward to seeing you again…

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