Update: Mt. Elgon Region

Received email from Pastor John Kotin, Mt. Elgon regions of Kenya.

1st Update 6/23/2014:

New Apostolic Training Center Advances!

“Praise God Pastor Ron, I wish to let you know I have received the first year manual. All lessons are great and I have made copies to enable me to teach the Pastors. I think I will be teaching as you have numbered them. I wish to let you know that I have already got 10 pastors who are willing to start to get the training at my house, because I don’t have money to rent a house for the teachings. I will be giving you our progress of the training.

Thank you and God bless you.”

2nd Update 6/30/2014:

“Ok – Praise God, Pastor Ron I wish to let you know that we are doing well in Christ our Savior. Also I like to let you know that I have download all this copies. First meeting was full house… and wonderful. The only thing I wish you to pray for us is that, I like each Pastor and Leader to have his or her own copy of lesson for easier learning while i am training them. I don’t have money to download the copies for each of them right now, but I believe God will provide! Secondly the testimonies of our Apostolic Training is going out and I am seeing my house getting small in few months… pray for us to get a big room for our Training Center. I let you know what I need and will send you the report as progress, then as lessons are complete.
It is a great blessing Pastor Ron – Yours Pastor John.”

RevivalHut Ministry Kenya is so excited to get these pastors started in the program. It will transform a region that has suffered for many years of tribal conflict.

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