Willing and Ready

“And the Word of the Lord was being spread throughout all the region.” (Acts 13:49) 

One of Luke’s purposes in writing the Book of Acts was to tell the real story of the remarkable growth of the Church. Amazing things took place in the years that followed the Holy Spirit clothing the Apostles with power to become witnesses in the world (Acts 1:8). No matter how we define this move of God in the Early Church, we must not miss the prophetic reality of Kingdom Advancement. There are regions waiting, cultures and people groups ready to be reached with the love and power of the Gospel of the Kingdom. And our calling is to disciple the nations (Mt. 28:18-20), teaching and building bridges of opportunity for generations to walk in God’s destiny for their lives. Should we not stand willing and ready to risk it all for the purposes of God’s heart?

 The Prophet Habakkuk said it this way: “For the Earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.” (Hab. 2:14)

God’s Invitation:

These are New Days on the African landscape and the sound of a spiritual trumpet blast has gone forth from the heart of God. Many with an ear to hear have already begun to assemble. To some its a whisper and to others a shout, yet there is no mistaking its purpose in this season. Its God’s invitation that is being proclaimed in the vineyard. And the laborers carry a fresh clarity of passion in their steps. The prayer that sets the tone of our commission is simple: “Father release Your Power and Let Your Kingdom Come – Let Your Will be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven!”

God is Hearing & Responding!

Our Father has a voice that opens the regions… gathers the nations and calls for the alien to come sit at His Throne (Heb. 4:16). This is like the time of ingathering, like the Old Testament day of first fruits. We shall rejoice and be glad in what we are witnessing in our generation! (1 Pe 2:9-10) 

The Laborers Stand Willing & Ready!

Are You Hearing the Sound?

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Email from Apostle Fredrick Ochieno of Nairobi, Kenya:

  • Praise God, I hope you are good in the Lord. How is the ministry? We are praying for you and your ministry, that the good work the Lord has begun across our land shall continue with increase. Our God, He may bring to accomplishment! Pastor Zedekiah, our mutual friend in Kampala, Uganda has been asking me if we have been communicating. He understands our working together will be of great inpact in the Kingdom. I want to break through all silence by saying - God has a great plan for us! I need you Man of God to help our ministry. There is something God wants to do through you to train our leaders and help us fulfill our ministry here in Nairobi – Kenya. Thank you for your faithfulness and we shall be ready to move with you in opening an Apostolic Training Center in this region.
    Be Blessed Apostle Fredrick Ochieno

My Response:

  • Hello Apostle Fred;
    Great to hear from you and know of your communication with Pastor Zedekiah. I love where God has placed key people to advance the Kingdom of God. It is a great joy to work with precious like minded brothers who understand the destiny God has for their lives. I agree with you in the fact that God has a rich inheritance established in the Glory Realm for each of us. It becomes our right and privilige to move in faith and embrace the resources He has made available. I speak blessing over you and your family and your ministry in the land of Kenya. May you live in grace and sense the closeness of His promise. We shall see His hand at work in these days.
    We have been very busy with things in Uganda as we now have four new churches planted out of the Apostolic Training Center that was opened this past March 2012. God is moving so fast… just this year we have seen 15 new congregations open in the RevivalHut Ministry network. God continues to raise up leaders and train for advancemnet in the fields. It is His doing as we see Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania bearing fruit to the Glory of God. I am anxious to get back on African soil, but right now we are waiting upon God’s timing and listening for His direction. Please continue to pray for us and use the teachings on our website to encourage spiritual growth. If they are helpful to you – share them freely. www.RevivalHut.com We believe God is up to something big in all of East Africa. Join us in this adventure and we shall bless each other with our communications. It is a New Day!
    Blessings Pastor Ron Bateman

Response email from Apostle Fred:

  • Praise God – Man of God, I hope you are good in the Lord. I am grateful for allowing us to partner with what God has started in the Apostolic Training Centers through you. Pastor, I have discussed the issue with our regional church leaders, and we have agreed to start immediately the program as from next week… every Saturday from 5-7pm, and sunday from 4-6pm Kenya time. As I said, we are giving church hall to be used in this program and God will do something powerful among us. Pastor, we look forward to receive manual as you promised so I can prepare for the classes next week. I hope to hear from you soon. Greet your family and brothers in the Lord.
    Your Ministry Partner,  Apostle Fredrick Ochieno

Swing wide you heavenly gates and prepare the way for a new generation of radical lovers… The fields are ripening and the harvest is truly plentiful!

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