When wakened from a night of sleep my heart is quick to step into the fresh new mercies of the day ahead.

 ”Thank You, Jesus for the blood of Calvary… for I know that if it were not for the blood I would still be walking in my sins, without hope of renewal and freedom in the Holy Spirit”.

 The communion of the Holy Spirit is a tangible reality and I can simply draw near to God with my voice through praise, acknowledge His provision for me and awaken my sensitivity to His loving touch upon my life. His approach is sweet to my spirit man and in faith I perceive His breath upon my heart. Never seeing Him with my eyes, I know His approach. Like a soothing moment of confident assurance… I am engaged in relationship with God as my Father and He claims my heart as His very own. I sense His thoughts postured for embrace,

 ”Son, come now and let My love capture your imagination… for I accept you as you are. I see your yielded heart and long to fill you with My will for you today. If you will only have an ear to hear I will position you for impact and enlarge your life in Me.”

 This is a holy moment when the pause of humanity is called into obedience. My response is always the same, “Lord You know better than anyone that I am but flesh, yet at Your bidding I am undone, because I know that anything of significance that I can do is by Your grace. So here I am listening for Your direction and looking for You to manifest Your glory within my steps.”

 Nothing else is said and yet I know that my day has now begun to accomplish the will of God and crush the powers of darkness before me this day.

 I am cheered by a great cloud of witnesses and accompanied by angelic hosts who grab the prayers off my lips. I am filled with the awareness that in this posture I can do all things co-laboring with Christ. This is the life the devils in hell fear the most… yielded!

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